Ray's First
2008 Corvette C6

Hi! Laurie Craig is my step dad. Thank you for putting him on your website. Did you know that he's had 22 corvettes in his life - starting with your car. I recently purchased my first corvette at 55 years of age. Now I "get it."


I've got a lot of catching up to do. 


2008 c6 with several suspension upgrades. Also c7 wheels and tires. 

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Greasy's Baby
2014 Corvette Coupe

I ordered the Vette in January of 2014, finally got her in May of 2014. Replaced the stock rims that came with her. Liked the look of the red calipers I saw on another Vette. Chevrolet wanted $2600.00 for 4 calipers so I had mine painted for a whole lot less. Decided I wanted more than the 460hp that it came with so I put on an A & A supercharger that raised it to 576hp. World of difference. Now I am a white headed coonass hauling ass.


Greasy Gremillion

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Ed's Find
1990 Chevrolet SS 454 Half Ton Pickup


I bought this truck in 2008 in almost showroom condition. They are considered a classic since it is one of the few attempts for a major manufacturer to produce a factory hot rod pick-up. I bought it to race, and it was marketed for show and smoking the tires. It took a year for me to re-build it for competition, and raced it through the 2014 season. I won the money in two national events, and was track champion once at my local track. It placed in the money numerous times at local events.

2004 Chevy Silverado Half Ton 2WD

When I was a young man I had a Ram-Air Firebird 400 street car that I would occasionally run at the track. It was not stock and ran in the low 13's. Later I had a Corvette, but when I got older I became more of a truck guy. The first ones were big tire 4X4 Chevy mudders, the last two having big blocks. Then in 2004 I ordered a new Chevy half ton for the express purpose of building a street rod. When it arrived, I removed the entire power train except the radiator and ECM. Attached is a spec sheet of what I built. It had all the comforts, power mirrors, windows, and a premium sound system. I like to stir my own gears in a street machine, so I installed a heavy duty T-56 six speed. Boyd Codington made two wide rims for me so DOT radials could be run on the rear at times when they were needed. They are not on it in the pictures because the high traction tires wore out quickly on the street. It launched very well on the street, but not so good at the track. It barely got in the 12's because of wheel hop on the sticky surface at the starting line. The truck was comfortable and too much fun on the street to strip it down and re-configure for the track. I kept it to drive and intimidate those Hemi trucks. This is what caused me to buy the old SS 454 and build a ground up race truck.

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