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The 1964 Chevrolet Corvette offered here is a remarkable machine with an unmatched history. It left the Corvette line at the St. Louis, Missouri plant on September 19, 1963 and was shipped to the original dealer, the noted Dueck on Broadway, Ltd., of Vancouver, British Columbia four days later on September 23, 1963. It was fitted with the remarkable 327 cubic inch small block V-8 and was painted in the ever popular Code 923, Riverside Red.

The car was first owned by noted racer Laurie Craig, as confirmed by the legendary racer himself. According to an exhaustive history of the car compiled by the consignor, Mr. Craig piloted the car at numerous racing events in Canada, including countless laps at the famed Westwood Racing Circuit, believed to be the first purpose-built road course in Canada. It was at Westwood that Mr. Craig’s old friend, Sir Stirling Moss, drove the Corvette, as confirmed in documentation provided by Mr. Moss himself. Craig’s success in the car played a major part in securing professional sponsorship.

Keeping the car in stock configuration, Craig went on to dominate numerous events including the prestigious Westwood Players Pacific in May, 1966. Craig would campaign the car until late 1966, when it was replaced with the brand-new Z/28 Camaro. The Corvette was traded in on the Camaro to Mander Chevrolet, ending a highly successful racing career with Laurie Craig. Despite many years of racing, Mr. Craig’s remembrance of the car is that it was “the best racing car I ever owned.”

In fact, once his racing career came to an end in 1989, Mr. Craig is said to have often wondered whatever happened to his Corvette. It was pure happenstance that he would come to find out, when the consignor traced the car’s ownership back through fourteen owners to find Craig in January 2015. Craig was able to confirm the car’s VIN, finally put an end to more than three years of work for the consignor and more than 40 years of wondering for Mr. Craig.

According to the consignor, from the time the car was driven off showroom floor from one of Canada’s most important dealerships, it has been associated with some of the greatest names in racing history. Owned by Laurie Craig and driven by Sir Stirling Moss, the car has a strong, personal connection to numerous luminaries of sports car racing, contributing a story that is virtually unrepeatable and irreplaceable.

Well documented and beautifully presented, it is offered here in stock condition, exactly as it was raced so many years ago, right down to the original shade of Riverside Red paint with Laurie Craig’s number 220 on the door. Mr. Craig also autographed the glove box door, underlining the connection between car and man. It would make a truly remarkable vehicle for numerous shows, tours, or could, with appropriate preparation, make a return to the track in historic racing events around the country. Included with the sale is an exhaustive history file in which the consignor documents the car’s competition and ownership history.

To view or participate in the auction, please follow the link provided and ... Enjoy the Ride!!!

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