Owner number four

In 1979, John Simonsen purchases a little red corvette. Unbeknownst to him, this automobile once belonged to his GM Players Challenge competitor, Laurie Craig.

While meeting with Laurie Craig in Victoria, Canada, Laurie recognized the name John Simonsen from Dave’s list of found/ known owners. Laurie and John used to race against one another in the 1987 and 1988 GM Players Challenge. John was not driving the little red corvette at the time, rather a Chevrolet Camaro as that was the GM specialty race where everyone had the exact same car with no modifications.


Laurie and his wife, Lisa, had actually driven their 1987 racing Camaro from Vancouver to Calgary for one of the races in the GM Players Challenge series. As it was over a 600 mile jaunt, they were invited to stay with competitor, John Simonsen at his home. Neither Craig nor Simonsen knew that they were both the previous owners of the same little red corvette.

After the Laurie Craig interview, Dave contacted John Simonsen to inform him of their newest discovery … that he once owned Craig’s champion race car, the little red corvette. John was taken back! He admitted he had no clue of the ‘vette’s past history other than he had purchased the corvette from Peter Gale.

While in Simonsen’s shop, Western Corvette, the little red corvette was re-painted its original riverside red. Unfortunately, the car was left outside the protection of the shop and the severe winter elements, a -20 degrees Fahrenheit, cracked the original engine block.

Dave asked John if he knew if the factory original engine block could still be at Western Corvette. John chuckled. He had sold Western Corvette several years back and had no idea if it was laying around the shop somewhere.

Simonsen also mentioned that The Craig’s were wonderful folks and he remembered Laurie, at near 60 years of age, being a ferocious competitor!

The quest continues to find the factory original (cracked) engine block. Dave has reached out to Western Corvette (http://www.westerncorvette.com/) several times.

"And endurance produces character, and character produces hope,"

Romans 5:4

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