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Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit is Canada's only year round motorsport facility

Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit is a private membership club and motorsports playground where performance driving enthusiasts, friends and businesses come together to enjoy a unique facility situated in beautiful Cowichan Valley, BC. Set in front of Mount Prevost and only minutes away from both the Pacific Ocean and Lake Cowichan, the facility is just 45 minutes north of Victoria, BC. They offer a 2.3 kilometer road course, built to FIA standards. Additionally, they have included a dynamic driving area to hone your reactive skills and a 1.0 kilometer off-road proving ground.

Two of Dave's auto enthusiast friends, at the same place, at the same time, around the same track ... unknown by each but both connected to the Little Red Corvette.

May 10, 2016

Dave receives an e-mail from a friend and associate, Vince Howlett. Vince is a published auto race historian.


The track tour was great. I think Laurie enjoyed himself. He got to drive around the track. I have attached a couple of photos.

1. Laurie Craig with Bill Martin 2. Bill Martin in his Wolseley Special after he built it in 1954.

Vince Howlett

Laurie Craig - the original owner and racing extraordinaire of the Little Red Corvette with Bill Martin another Canadian Great Pro-Racer

Laurie Craig original owner and racing extraordinaire of the Little Red Corvette

Bill Martin in his Wolseley Special after he built it in 1954

Dave receives an e-mail from his dear friend and colleague, Gary Herring. Dave and Gary go back 30+ years.

June 16, 2016

Hey Dave,

A couple of weekends ago the Rose City Corvette Club of Portland,Or. decided to take a road trip to Victoria, Canada.

There is a local Corvette Club in Victoria and they wanted us to come for a visit. We pre-booked our hotel and Ferry ride from Port Angeles, Washington to Victoria and waited for the big day. We pulled out at 9:30am giving us plenty of time to enjoy the drive up. We hit some rain which wasn't so much fun considering I had the top down on the car as did a couple of other people. We went with the theory that if you drive fast enough the rain will fly over the top of the car. That worked for awhile until you got near an 18 wheeler. I knew we were going to pull into a rest stop eventually so I just stuck it out. I jumped out as soon as we pulled in and put up my manual top and dried the interior. After a short break we were on the road again. The clouds broke from time to time and we were able to enjoy the scenic ride up past the various bays and small fishing towns along the way. We were making good time until about a mile out of Port Angeles where we were to board our cars onto the Ferry. There was a line of traffic as far as you could see and ambulances and police were flying up and down the highway. Of course we had no idea what was going on or how long it would take to get through. After an hour and a half of only moving a few car lengths we began to worry about possibly missing the Ferry completely since there are only 2 a day and both were booked up. Finally a good Samaritan truck driver let the whole line of us cut in front of him and get to the detour which bypassed the police barricade. We could see tents set up, road blocks, ambulances and helicopters flying over head as we passed by. We didn't find out until we boarded the Ferry which they held for us that there was a car chase that ended in an officer involved stabbing. The suspect had somehow pulled a knife on an officer and stabbed him. The suspect was shot and hospitalized and is now facing multiple charges.

A rather rocky start to our trip but from then on it was wonderful. As we pulled off the Ferry one by one going through customs, we were met by the president of the local Corvette club who had strategically placed several Corvette club members who caravanned 3 of us at a time through the city and to out hotel. None of us knew our way around so having them guide us took all the stress out of arriving in a new city. They all met up with us at the hotel and we had dinner together for a greet and meet. The next morning they were back again and had arranged for a 45 mile trip through the countryside to a beautiful golf club for a catered lunch. It was so cool to have 24 gorgeous Corvettes screaming down the road together. People were taking pictures and complementing us as we drove through some of the small towns. The golf club had prepared for our arrival and let us park right near the entrance. I think we were good for business. The food was excellent and so was the company. After visiting and getting to know our northern neighbors they suggested that we continue on to see a new race track that had been built. They had arranged for us to have a private tour of the track, building and facilities. It was called Motorsport Circuit in which they are selling memberships at $45,000 and a stiff monthly fee. A little out of our league, strictly for the filthy rich who want to fly in and drive a real race course. Their set up was impressive to say the least, they had race cars, a full shop, banquet/meeting rooms and cameras set up throughout the course. A video room with multi monitors allowed them to zoom in on every driver at any point and give him a full read out of his performance at the end of each lap. After the tour they asked if we would be interested in taking a couple of laps in our cars.

We jumped at the chance since there would probably never be another one to drive on a private race track. They had two pace cars with professional drivers take us in two groups to get the feel of the track. After a few laps the pace cars pulled off and let us go at it. It began to rain and it got a little slippery but we had hung in there. Surprisingly they let us take many more laps than originally promised. I had to keep reminding myself this was my car and I might need it to get home.

We wrapped up our trip to Canada with farewells and promises to return. I can't say enough about the kindness and hospitality of the Canadians, really wonderful fun people and I look forward to seeing them again.

Next trip is the Miss Oregon parade which takes place in Seaside, Oregon. Our club has the exclusive on this and each of us drivers are assigned a beautiful contestant to sit on the back of our car as we slowly drive down the main street. One of the lucky contestants will be chose to represent Oregon in the Miss America pageant. Stay tuned.


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