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Stephanie and I receive a letter in the post. The envelope contains a treasure trove including several previous owners’ bills of sales!

continued from "Legal Mumbo Gumbo"

February 05, 2013 - Four more months gone and Stephanie and I are getting discouraged with all the Canadian government legalese and dead ends. We once again post classified ads on Craigslist, EBay, various classic car and Corvette Internet Forums and newspapers …

Looking for info/history on 1964 Corvette red coupe VIN #40837S100315.

Sold in BC 2001.


The next day we receive the following email reply:

February 06, 2013 - This is a message from "vintageCorvette" at Corvette Forum.

I saw your ad on Craigslist.

I sold this car to a guy in Alaska around 2001.

If you want to call me my cell number is 718 ****

OWEN Wright

We immediately phone Mr. Wright. Owen confirms that he had owned the old car. He says that he thought his dad had kept some old documents that they discovered in the car and that he would speak with his dad and get back to us. He also said that he had sold the car to a fellow in Alaska via the Internet (EBay), but he did not remember the person's name.

I ask Owen who he had bought the car from and when. He is hoping to find that information out in the documents that he was going to search for. Wright only owned the Corvette for one year but thought the Corvette was an original fuel injection vehicle. He informs me that when he bought the car it had a roll bar, which he, Owen, had removed.

This puzzle is starting to come together ...

August 30, 2012 . SOLD TO: Stephanie & David Lambdin . PURCHASED FROM: Larry Rhymer

May 18, 2011 . SOLD TO: Larry Rhymer . PURCHASED FROM: Sonny Grasso (Anchorage, AK)

April 30, 2011 . SOLD TO: Sony Grasso . PURCHASED FROM: Mike Verbos (Anchorage, AK)

2004 . SOLD TO: Mike Verbos . PURCHASED FROM: Joe Savell (Anchorage, AK)

2001 . SOLD TO: Joe Savell . PURCHASED FROM: Owen Wright (BC, Canada)

??? 1978 . SOLD TO: John Simonsen . PURCHASED FROM: Peter Gale (Calgary, Canada)

??? 1976 – 1977 . SOLD TO: Peter Gale . PURCHASED FROM: ???

February 26, 2013

It has been several weeks since I talked to Owen concerning the old car documents. I send him another email to try and grab more history information. We have to dig further back into the old car’s history to determine if it was manufactured with fuel injection and then later removed.

From: Captain Dave


Any luck with paperwork on your old 64 vette coupe?

VIN# 4378s100315

Any memories or history would be awesome.



Subject: Re: your 64 corvette

From: vintagetincom@

To: captaind80@


My mother just had eye surgery so my dad has been busy. However I will call and remind him.

Thanks Owen

Three weeks later, I again send Mr. Wright an email message asking him for help on finding more history of our Corvette.


To: Owen Wright

From: Captain Dave


Hope your mom is recuperating.

Any luck with history paperwork for your old corvette?



Subject: Re: your 64 corvette

From: vintagetincom@

To: captaind80@


My dad found two photos and some old registration papers. I will scan them and email them to you.

How's the rest of your search going.


We up-date Owen on our search results thus far.

From: Captain Dave

To: Owen Wright


Still looking for owners from 1978 until when you bought car as well.

Send me info.

Thank you very much.


Several months have passed since we first contacted Owen Wright about his ownership and history of the old Corvette. Stephanie and I decide to ask one more time for Owen’s help. We will not give up the search.


From: Captain Dave

To: Owen Wright

Hey Owen.

What can I do to help you with any info on your old 1964 vette (mine now)? We have a fund raiser car show coming up in two weeks.

it would be great to add your info.

Love your old car.

Hope all is good with you & family.



From: Owen W


Dave, send me your address and I will mail you the paper work my father found. Hopefully it will help you.

Thanks Owen

May 09, 2013 - Stephanie and I receive a letter in the post from Owen Wright. The envelope contains a treasure trove. Included in the envelope are several previous owners’ bills of sales, as well as, Canadian Insurance Company (ICBC) previous insured owners’ documents. These documents are virtually impossible to obtain from auto dealers, government or insurance agencies today because of the ultra-restrictive Freedom of Information Act. This paper trail shows four (4) owners from 1980 thru 2001. Including Owen Wright, we now have a total of five owners who are documented in this paperwork.

"Always pray, and never give up." Luke 18:1

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