"If you don't buy this car, I am!"

August 07, 2012 - Larry Rhymer, the owner, tells Stephanie and I he has an offer from another possible buyer. He gives us the rock bottom price … $28,000. The next day,

I contact James Wileman. a banker friend we know from Sitka who now lives in Anchorage where the car is currently located. James confirms that he will go check out the car as soon as he gets some free time. He had looked at another classic car the previous year for us and was not impressed with the condition of the vehicle. Hopefully things will be different this time.


From: Captain Dave

To: Larry Rhymer

Larry: Let me know so James can come take look. Moving forward. Do you know any other history of car, owners, locations, modifications, accidents?



From: Larry Rhymer


Sorry, do not know much about the car, traded a hotrod for it a couple of years ago. I had it checked out and my mechanic said it was in great shape and my body guy said the same, not new but in great shape.

I really don't know anything about past as the guy I traded for only had it for a couple of weeks. He had a ‘56 Chevy he had been trying to trade, nice but I wanted cash at the time. He sold the ’56, he called me but I was out of town hunting and out of cell range. When I got back he had bought the car from someone in the valley. All of that to say I traded my hotrod for the car after I had it checked out.

I had it appraised and came out ok. If I sell at 28 not as ok but time for another hotrod.

I will point out to James anything I know about the car as I do understand you are not looking at it yourself.


August 22, 2012 - James Wileman calls and tells me emphatically, "If you don't buy this car, I am! I will even loan you 100% the cost of the car at 3% interest." I am shocked and excitedly agree to the terms. Without hesitation, I tell James to start the necessary paperwork.

Finding and purchasing the vehicle was the easy part. Now Stephanie and I must try and make arrangements for this classic vehicle to be delivered from Anchorage to Sitka, which is nearly 1,000 miles away over land and sea.

Sitka is located on Baranof Island in the South East Alaskan Island Chain. It is accessible only by boat or aircraft and in this small remote city (pop. 8,800), there are only 15 miles of road.

The Alaska State Ferry departing from Anchorage to Sitka has no vacancies for vehicles until spring, which is many months away. There is the same problem with tug and barge freight.

Wracking our brains, we try the Alaska State Ferry once again, but a different route. We discover there is room for a vehicle and a driver from Haines to Sitka on September 3rd. That may solve part of the 1,000 mile vehicle delivery. However, the Anchorage to Haines land trek is a 765 mile drive on an unpredictable wilderness road through Alaska, Canada, and Alaska again before even starting the 200+ mile jaunt between Haines and Sitka on the ferry system. There are very few fueling or sleeping accommodations along the route as well as unsafe driving road conditions.

We try to hire a car hauling company to deliver the vehicle to Haines with no luck. We then try to rent a one-way motor home (RV) to tow or follow the Stingray to Haines in case of mechanical or weather problems. Bad luck again. No one in Anchorage has one-way RV rentals available to Haines. It is at the end of the season and all of the rental vehicles including cars are already in Haines and needed to go back up to Anchorage ... the opposite direction that we need to go. We are striking out on transporting our new prize. We again consider storing the Corvette in Anchorage until next spring. It is too long of a wait!!!

"the things which are impossible with men are possible with God" Luke 18:27

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