My Bucket List

Closing one chapter opened the door to an incredible adventure

1990 - I am feeling as though I have a major part of my past that is missing. I decide to make my "bucket list" of things I must do before I reach (hopefully) the Pearly Gates. At the top of the " to do" check list is finding my old race car, the 1963 Corvette. I begin searching for my old car on the new internet world wide web. I have no pictures, titles, documents, or vehicle identification number (VIN) of my old car. My search begins with viewing every article, picture, classifieds, and online car forum for leads.

I have continued searching for my car for over 22 years with no luck. Throughout the years, I have not lost my drive to find my old car or, second best, obtain an affordable similar car. I feel as though my time is running out. I have had numerous surgeries for war-related Agent Orange poisoning and terrible bouts of Post-Traumatic Stress in the past decade. Last thing on my bucket list is purchasing and driving an old classic car again.

For several years in my search, a 1964 red coupe continues to come up for sale that has repeatedly caught my interest. The pictures posted online show fuel injection markings on the fenders. Original fuel injection ‘vettes are very rare and a fantastic find. Even if the car no longer has the fuel injection unit, a correct year unit restoration would double the value of the car.

The car is very appealing and appears to have been sold or exchanged owners several times in the past years via the frequent internet posts. I post an inquiry on the Craigslist about the vehicle sale advertisement.



Subject: 64 Corvette

Can you please send me more pics and all possible info you have about this car.

Thank you very much.

Dave in Sitka


From: Larry R

To: Captain Dave


I will try to get more pictures and send them to you. It is over at my shop, I haven't taken it out yet.

I also have the appraisal for $38k that has a lot of info. I have it at work so I will scan in tomorrow and send it to you.

The car is in great shape, runs, and drives great, I traded for it last July. Work sucked most of my summer, then in my shop to be stored. I drove it to work on the few sunny days last year and we took the Corvette Club trip down to Seward so did not use it much (pictures on Craigslist) last year. Starts easy, drives straight, stops straight.

We are in a remodel and bought a lake house and just don't have time to enjoy it, so it needs to go to a good home.


The vehicle is located in Anchorage, AK. To get to Anchorage from Sitka is a two hour jet flight or over a week long boat ride. No interconnecting roads exist.

Over the course of the next month, Larry and I converse via e-mail, text and phone calls. The car appraisal and pictures look great! Stephanie and I consider our finances. Unfortunately, we cannot afford the classic car so I try the next best thing... I offer to trade our 24-foot off shore fishing boat and firearms for the car. In Alaska, trading is not uncommon. Our online bartering goes on for several months.


To: Larry R


Just getting a short break so I can write back.

If you still have car I can trade very nice boat (21.5' Trophy) w/ Alaska bulkhead & complete new 305 V8 Mercruiser rebuild and cash.

Also have many weapons, firearms if interested.

I am also a gunsmith.

I will send pics if interested in any.



From: Larry R

Good to hear from you again, Dave. I am not in the market for a boat right now. I just don’t have the time to use it (which is why I sold one a couple of years ago), but would look at guns as a part trade. Four-wheelers, I am looking for a couple for my grandkids.



To: Larry R

From: Dave


What type firearms you looking for?

Collectibles; hunting; protection; military?

Let me know.



To: Dave

From: Larry R

I love old anything, but would also like a few (bears) to stay out of my yard.



From: Captain Dave

To: Larry R


Trying to get up there ASAP.

Definitely interested.



From: LR

Been busy here so just let me know, I am sure we can do some trading with something that shoots bullets. I think I am more of a rifle, maybe lever-action or some kind of

Hi-power type bullets I can always use also.

Just let me know. I have been so busy I am not marketing it much but it is a great little car.


August 7, 2012 - Larry contacts me to informs me that he has another buyer interested. Since we had been chatting back and forth for some time, he gives me first refusal with a rock bottom price of $28K. I couldn't make it up to Anchorage to check out the 'vette in person, so I did the next best thing ... I contacted a friend of ours who lives up there. He just happens to be a banker as well!

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