Craig Upsets the Pack

Hometown hero, Laurie Craig, takes home the Canadian Championship Player's Pacific Trophy!

A field of 30 race cars, including 9 Lotus 23B's, set out to do battle with the rain and themselves. Few thought they'd twist wrists with lady luck too in pursuit of the Player's Pacific Trophy at Westwood, B.C.

Wade Carter (904 Porsche) worked his way through the pack taking with him the Stingray of Laurie Craig and the John Hall Mustang. It looked like history repeating itself as far as the 904 was concerned as Mike Everly had done the same bit with the same car in the '65 Player's under the same conditions.

The second heat started out by confirming the order of the first heat although the rain had finally decided to let up for the start. Lap times started to go down even for the over 2 Litre cars. None were as fast as Wade Carter's Porsche 904.

Hard luck started when the Porsche had to pit with camshaft problems. Then on lap 27 disaster hit Ridenour as he and the Rattenbury Special tangled going into the hairpin. The Rattenbury was a total wreck and the Lotus was buried in mud.

Jerry Matthews in a Cooper-Maserati had been sneaking up on the leaders as things dried up and had just got by Laurie Craig's Stingray before Ridenour took to the weeds. Matthews went on to win the final heat under the white flag, but this zany finish was not all ...

With Craig having second in the first heat ... you guessed it, Laurie Craig's Stingray won it hands down on total results! Another crazy chapter in history of the Player's Pacific.

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