14 Jun 2016

Haines State Ferry Dock is still over one hundred and fifty five miles further south. I should have plenty of time, that is, if there are no unexpected break downs, accidents, severe weather, and large wild animals falling in love with or being enraged by the small bri...

12 Jun 2016

The coolest thing was that the entire big V8 engine was chrome

I love cars. New cars, old cars, small cars, large cars, US cars, European cars, Asian cars, I love them all. But above all, I love classic muscle cars like Dodge Hemi, Ford Big block, Mustang fastback, SS39...

11 Jun 2016

Stephanie and I receive a letter in the post. The envelope contains a treasure trove including several previous owners’ bills of sales!

continued from "Legal Mumbo Gumbo"

February 05, 2013 - Four more months gone and Stephanie and I are getting discouraged with all the C...

7 Jun 2016

 "I sure wouldn’t be driving that beauty on this road."


continued from "Highway One"


Leaving the gas stop, I am soon again awed at the surrounding scenery. The road winds like a slithering snake around the shores of shimmering Lake Kluane. I again listen to good old ro...

1 Jun 2016

We do not have the history of previous owners. Even if we did, we could not release that type of personal information anyway, due to privacy acts.


That day, September 30, 2012, seemed to prove invaluable. The information and photos that Wayne Midkiff provided, the in d...

30 May 2016

Memorial Day- a day to remember that Freedom is NOT Free


Today, as should be every day, we remember and honor patriots who have fallen in wars and conflicts around our planet. Never forget those who have fought and died or were innocent victims of fascism, terrorism an...

25 May 2016

"Screwdrivers are OK"


continued from "Feet Don't Fail Me Now"


September 02, 2012 - 7:30 AM

I check in at home via the cell phone. Steph gives me the updates on weather and road conditions, as well as, facilities along the route. There will be a crossroad turn 120 miles...

23 May 2016

Like in the Nam again, I sleep with the curtain and one eye open.



Before heading out of Anchorage proper, I fill the fuel tank with premium gasoline. Everyone at the Gas station walks over to look and ask questions about the car. I feel as though I have become either...

20 May 2016

"Wow!!!" Our 1964 VIN number is actually listed in the registry.


September 06, 2012 - Now "The Search" begins to discover the history of our "new" classic car. Is it an original fuel-injection Corvette? If we can find out it was, we will restore a correct engine fuel i...

17 May 2016

Our last choice is to personally drive the car down from Anchorage to Haines and put her onto the Alaska state ferry bound for Sitka.



Finding and purchasing the vehicle was the easy part. Now Stephanie and I must try and make arrangements for this classic car to...

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"Whatever happened to my first car?"


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"Who first owned my car that is now sitting in my drive way?"


"What is the history of my classic car?"


"Will it add value to its worth?"


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