About                   Little Red Corvette

Dave has been searching for his old car, a 1963 Corvette convertible for nearly thirty years. His search has been unproductive. The last thing on his bucket list is to once again own an old Corvette. Midlife crisis or love of old cars and Corvettes? With his wife’s blessing and support, Stephanie and Dave decide to purchase an old Corvette. They searched for years looking for just the right car at the right price.

Dave is a 100% combat-disabled veteran on fixed income. Stephanie is a retired fashion model turned photographer. Having two young children and a large home mortgage, money was a major hurdle in their search.

Eventually after years of searching they found a 1964 Corvette coupe for sale on the internet. They purchased the classic car on blind faith. The plan was for the Corvette to be carefully restored to original condition and kept as a family heirloom. Once acquiring the car, the next quest was to drive it through hundreds of miles of wilderness to their remote island home. Upon the car arriving unscathed in Sitka, Alaska, Stephanie and Dave begin the search to discover if the car was originally equipped with Fuel Injection. This was to prove no easy task. Nearly three years of constant searching brought them into contact with over a dozen past owners of the car.

Finally, the first owner was discovered. The Corvette was not an original Fuel-Injected car. However, the first owner, Laurie Craig, provided a wealth of the car’s racing history, pictures, articles, movies, and exceptional pedigree confirmation. Mr. Craig also confirmed our Corvette is exactly the way he bought it in 1964 except for tires, rebuilt engine (same year cubic inch and horsepower).

Stephanie and Dave now look forward to Westwood Race Track Racer’s Reunions, Vintage Racing, Classic Auto events, and passing along the history of their car, as well as, Mr. Laurie Craig’s legacy for as long as the 1964 Red Corvette Coupe exists.

Dave with his 1963 Corvette